About Us

ABN group has been established since 1994 in Ankara, Turkey. Sectors in which ABN group is active are construction, furniture and mining. ABN has been involved in large international construction projects. ABN Construction has built international hotel chains. ABN group has a furniture factory that manufactures high quality special hotel projects.

ABN Marble is a part of ABN group. ABN's story is one of love and dedication, it is the story of a Turkish marble company world-renowned for the superior quality of its marble. The care in the production and distribution of the most precious and high-quality materials, now combined with the reliability and know-how of staff with 30 years of experience and ready to meet the requirements of the most coveted design projects, make ABN a solid reference point and one of the most important Turkish marble companies, both nationally and internationally. From the passion for precious materials emerges the excellence in their use: ABN helped to put up sumptuous hotels, buildings, private villas, and public buildings, always ensuring a successful fulfillment of every indoor and outdoor design project. That is the soul of ABN, one of the best Turkish marble companies.

Our Values & Vision

ABN has always been values-driven. These values continue to direct the growth and business of ABN.
The core ABN values underpinning the way we do business are:
Quality, Speed, Reasonable Cost, Understanding, Excellence, Unity

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